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NPO & Business Development

Specializing in Strategic Planning, Katherine is passionate in helping non-profits and small businesses set goals, identify their target audience, and outline the steps necessary for growth and sustainability.

Partnership and collaboration

Non-profits can benefit from partnering with other organizations or businesses that align with their goals and objectives. Collaboration with like-minded entities can leverage resources, expand reach, and create new opportunities.


Marketing and public relations

Non-profits often need to build awareness and promote their mission and programs. Engaging in marketing and public relations activities, such as social media campaigns, press releases, and community outreach events, can help attract volunteers, donors, and stakeholders.


Volunteer recruitment and management

Non-profits heavily rely on volunteers to carry out their activities. Developing strategies to recruit, train, and manage volunteers is critical for maintaining a dedicated and skilled workforce.


Development and implementation of programs

Non-profits usually have specific programs aimed at addressing social or environmental issues. Developing and implementing effective programs requires careful planning, research, and evaluation to ensure they address the needs of the target population.


Board and staff development

Building a strong board of directors and a competent staff is essential for non-profit success. Activities such as recruiting board members, providing training and professional development opportunities, and conducting performance evaluations are important for organizational growth.


Advocacy and policy work

Some non-profits engage in advocacy and policy initiatives that aim to influence public opinion or drive legislative and policy changes. This may involve lobbying, organizing campaigns, and working with governmental entities to address issues that align with their mission.

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